Why Choose Terence A. Redmond Law

What We can Do For You

  • We will obtain the most money for your pain & suffering
  • We will get you medical treatment & have your bills paid
  • We will repair or replace your motor vehicle & arrange rentals
  • We will recover your loss of earnings & any other financial losses

How I Will Win Your Case

I don't win it, you do!  A believable client comes in all sizes, shapes and colors.  If you are credible the insurance carrier will not want to see you in court.  If the insurance carrier refuses to offer reasonable compensation for your injury then it will risk losing more at trial.  All I can do is best prepare you and your case for trial.
I will follow every possible lead, hire the best experts and use the latest appropriate technology.  As citizens we expect people in court to tell the truth.  If they don't the jury finds them out.  I have seen it done time and again.

What is Your Case Worth

An injury case depends primarily on the severity of the injury, its impact on the life of the injured person and the circumstances of its occurring.  Needless to say, each case is as unique as the individuals and circumstances involved.  The nature and extent of necessary and appropriate medical treatment are significant factors, as is the length of recuperation.  So is the loss of income sustained as a result of the injury.  All of these are factors that must be considered in determining the value of one's case and whether it should go to trial.