Family Law at the Law Offices of Terence A. Redmond

This is a very emotional area of law.  In fact, many years ago I gave it up because, in my opinion, I saw too many lawyers who seemed to want to keep the waters roiling with emotion.  This only resulted in more expensive divorces both emotionally and financially.  I resumed the practice again several years ago because of referrals and because of a greater emphasis on mediation by public policy and the advent of specific formulas for child custody and property division.

Family law practice includes domestic partnership dissolutions, paternity claims, "Marvin" actions, restraining orders, child and spousal support issues, not exclusively.

Of course, preventive medicine is always the best "cure".  Pre-nuptial agreements are highly recommended for people with substantial assets who are contemplating marriage. These are agreements which outline as much as possible how property is to be protected or distributed in case of a future divorce.  They are designed to minimize the emotional and financial toll that a divorce too often causes couples who once were in love with each other.  

I always encourage my clients in family law matters to seek marriage counseling first.  A divorce is always a very emotional time of life that should not be treated cavalierly.  If counseling does not resolve the dispute I am happy to represent my client in securing a fair and equitable asset distribution and to assure fair and appropriate child custody and visitation.  When a couple can agree I have been very successful in assisting both parties in reaching a fair and equitable dissolution that is fair to both parties.