Business Litigation

This is an area of law where most attorneys involved in business matters shun litigation.  However, disputes happen and people in business know that if they cannot resolve their disputes they always have the courts to resolve their differences for them.

More often than not the attorneys who have assisted the parties in forming their business relationships do not go to trial.  Indeed, they have never set foot in court.  As a college student in Santa Barbara I took a course in the law that was taught by a very highly regarded judge.  He stunned me when he told us that 95% of all attorneys never see the inside of a courtroom.  As a trial attorney of more than 35 years I know that he was right.  In fact, more than a few of that remaining 5% should probably not set foot in a court, anyway. Nevertheless, that is where a business dispute is likely to land if the attorneys cannot resolve the dispute through mediation or arbitration.

As someone who has represented clients in probably more than a thousand mediations and arbitrations and who has been certified by the San Francisco Bar Association as a mediator I can best prepare a client for the eventual resolution of a business dispute before it reaches trial. It is less expensive and far less stressful than going through the expense and tension of a trial whether by jury or by a judge.