Areas of Practice

Throughout my career my emphasis has been civil and criminal litigation.  I do what very few attorneys do. . .I take cases to trial.  Although most people believe that all lawyers go to trial nothing could be further from the truth.  Only a very small percentage of us, probably less than 5%, take cases to trial.

I have represented people from all walks of life.  Accident cases include automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, boats, airplanes, brain injuries, burns, shooting deaths, eye injuries and assaults, not exclusively.  I have also represented people in cases involving professional malpractice, real estate or business disputes and family law issues.

In criminal matters, I have represented people who have been accused of crimes involving guns, fraud, embezzlement, assault and battery, domestic violence, forgery, kidnapping, drug manufacturing, sales and\or possession and sexual assaults.

I believe that everyone has the right to have a day in court and while I am happy to take a case to trial, not all cases should go to trial.  An honest lawyer will tell you that as soon as possible once he or she has the necessary facts to make that decision.  No matter how strongly one feels about the merits of a case it is not wise to conclude that you know how a jury will decide.  Additionally, trials are expensive so the damages to which a plaintiff may be entitled should merit the costs invested in the case.  A settlement eliminates the risk inherent in a trial and it caps the considerable costs of litigation. Settlements also reduce the stress a client must endure when taking the case to trial.

At all times, however, it is important that the client knows he has a trial lawyer representing him.