Real Estate Litigation in San Francisco and the Bay Area

Real estate litigation requires an experienced attorney who understands the rules and regulations that apply to real estate and secured transactions.

At Terence Redmond Law, we represent developers, owners, lenders, borrowers, landlords & tenants, in sale, contracts, escrow, acquisition, rescission and other fraud and mistake claims. These claims may be a result of co-ownership, loans, foreclosures, disbursement, agent disputes or receivership issues, as well as bad faith claims and lender liability. Additionally, we represent those involved in infrastructure, low-income housing including Section 8 and HUD and partnership disputes.

At TRL, we believe in supporting our client's real estate issues and disputes before, during, and after litigation or other forms of formal dispute resolution. We understand the industry, focus on our client's goals, and have the ability and judgment to address appropriately virtually every type of dispute both in mediation as well as a court of law.